Getting our golfers to improve through the golf material is a milestone achieved, but in Depique we do not want to stop here. The joint work with professors and professionals during the almost 20 years we have been in the sector have made us discover the importance of technique in swing and strategy in the golf course.

Therefore, we started a new challenge: Depique Golf Academy. A golf school in the center of Barcelona to perfect the game and with which we intend to create new golfers and provide those who already are a space close to their home to train and level up.


In total, 1000 m2 of driving range without leaving the city. With a wide area for throwing balls, putting green and private classes that will allow you to advance in your game enjoying your favorite sport.


A green oasis on the asphalt gray and the new urban meeting point for golfers. 



Who would not like to be able to escape to your club every day? From now on this will be possible with Depique Golf Academy: a space in Barcelona, outdoors, 
peaceful and clean, with perfect facilities for practice, where our teachers can advise you on your swing.


Our golf lessons are ideal for assimilating knowledge and information and the Pros Depique Golf Academy makes the learning process much easier. Initially, the teacher provides the student with a clear idea of his golf condition. It does this by relying on Trackman radar data, a state-of-the-art device that monitors all the movement of the club-from start to finish, going through the moment the ball is hit-providing very specific data.


From this study, areas requiring work are identified, short and medium term objectives are set and an effective roadmap is designed to bring the student closer to their goals. With an open and updated mentality, we do not forget the basic fundamentals of swing. The latest technology is at the service of the student to complete the traditional format of the classes and make the most of learning. 


Classes are offered with the possibility of recording with videocameras with subsequent analysis using the SwingView Pro software and with Trackman reports. With these data and videos in hand, we can guarantee the success of the student's work and ensure the adquisition of objectives.



Thanks to our golf teachers, experienced and recognized at european level, we can offer you the best golfer education of the moment. 

James Marshall

Born in Aldershot (Great Britain) James Marshall gave the first shots 37 years ago in the Ashford Golf Club of the Kent County. As amateur played three European Championship of P&P representing to Catalunya and reached to the final in 2001 and 2003. Both chances won the ranking of P&P of Catalunya, in 2003, the matchplay of Catalunya of P&P.That same year, went Professional and started to impart classes. As professor, James has several certificated and titles that support his vast competence, among those who stand out the level 1 Golf Swing Biomechanics of Dr. Kwon, the "Putting zone" of Geoff Magnum and the level 1 of TPI (Titleist Performance Institute).


Bachelor of Spanish philosophy  at the Southampton University and master in teaching of second languages at the London University, also he offer the option to learn english at the same time that you improve your swing. The great specialty is to get that every students progress in their game, from beginners to professionals.


He is one of the greatest experts in Spain to give classes with Trackman technology and he is quite expert in the swing. his golfing slogan is: " Better information, better golf". Apart from Depique Golf Academy, you can see to James in Youtube channel where he hangs golf videos.

Víctor Ribera 

His first memory with a golf club was in his infancy, however it was not until 20 years old when he started with the golf. Thanks to its innate facility for the sport, he became professional in 1998, played the national tournaments (OKI Telepizza / Peugeot Tour / Peugeot Loewe Touer) and won several Championships of Spain.


Like this, he has been more than two decades giving the ball and at the same time, forming as the instructor. He had several titles like Tour tempo, TPI (Titleist Performance Institute) levels, Biomechanics seminars (PGAe, Dr. Robert Neal, Dr. Kwon) and specific diplomas in putt ( Phill Kanyon, Putting Zone, etc) and short game ( James Sieckman ) but his speciality as instructor are swing techniques and the chip.


Since 2012 he managed Montanyá Junior Golf School, place the professional players and amateurs of high competition His students emphasize Victor´s ability to analyze and listen, but above all the enthusiasm of this Catalan born in La Garriga whose secret to play better is " Practice, Practice and Practice".


Victor has Management and administration of golf courses Master ( Golf Business Campus) and among his idols, are Severiano Ballesteros, Ernie Els, Nick Faldo, Tiger Woods, Nick Price and José María Olazábal.

Custom Golf lessons

Beginners, Amateurs and Professionals

Find your golf class and improve in your game with the guarantee of Depique Golf Academy. Book your season ticket, pass day, private lessons and group classes.



Travessera de Gràcia, 72 

(Hotel Catalonia Barcelona Golf) 

08006 Barcelona

Parking under the Hotel

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